Monday, 23 November 2009

How do you know when you've found the right engagement ring?

For many men shoppers, it's difficult to tell if we've chosen something that will suit her. Many of us make terrible shoppers, even the thought of spending countless hours wondering around the shops is enough to send shivers down many men's spines. Of course, if it's the woman buying the engagement ring then the same might not be true. One way to minimize the time spent looking for that ideal palladium engagement ring, is to conduct some initial research online before heading out to the local jewelery shops. You also want to check out the financing options that the e-commerce stores give, especially if you're going for a diamond engagement ring, to breakdown that final amount a little. 

Also a helpful tip is to take a friend along, or a family member who can provide a good second opinion and may also be a good model, so that you've got a better idea of ring sizes and so forth. Take a few designs along with you as well if you wish to get your ring custom made as well. Don't be afraid to ask for discounts as well, as you never know you may get that sparkling diamond engagement rings for less than you had anticipated.


wrestling supplies said...

You'll know when you find the right ring when your fiance tells you it is! ;o)

3D Ready TV said...

Take her shopping with you - too important to chance it.

Carmen Jewellers said...

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abercrombie and fitch said...

This blog helps an individual to make a right decision while buying an engagement ring,various measures given in the blog like to visit website first and to go with ur frnds,relatives etc helps us to buy a right engagement ring are very helpful..

Jane said...

Surely I cannot be alone in thinking that as lovely as the ring is, it could maybe be part of a set?
I love my collection of necklaces, and when I got married, my husband bought me a lovely matching necklace.
I hope it isn’t just me!