Monday, 9 August 2010

Fake engagement rings - Practical Travel Advice

It had never occurred to me until last week, when one of my customers told me they were going on holiday and instead of taking her real wedding diamond ring, she always takes a fake one just in case it gets lost or stolen. I thought this was a really great idea, and is a sure way to avoid ruining a holiday if the worst case scenario does happen. Of course wedding rings can not only get lost or stolen whilst away on holiday, often they can get easily damaged, or tarnished especially perhaps in exotic climates perhaps. There are a few helpful pointers to follow if you're going to buy a fake engagement or wedding ring to take on holiday with you. First, you want to make sure you don't go for anything too ostentatiousness, i.e. something with a huge stone as the center piece, instead go for something subtle and bearing close resemblance to an actual ring. As a general rule, if at quick inspection it might fool a jeweler, then its sure as heck going to fool everybody else, including a thief or opportunist. Then go for a setting fairly typical of the kind of real engagement or wedding ring you've chosen. E.g. a nice subtle setting, something that shapes the stone well, and doesn't show it off too much. So when choosing fake rings, don't worry about the size of the gemstone in the center, concentrate on all the usual elements: make sure you go for something with a nice classic cut such as diamond emerald cut or the solitaire cut, go for band made from strong durable material (enough to withstand some wear and tear and least), and finally the rule of thumb should be when choosing fake engagement or wedding rings - understated rather than overstated is always the way forward.