Sunday, 2 May 2010

Jade engagement rings

If you've visited south east asia, you'll know just how important jade is to the local populace. Jade is a rich, luscious green gemstone, and is composed of two minerals: Jadiete and Nephrite.
Jade from the earliest civilizations was mined and carved by the Maori of New Zealand, the ancient Aztecs and Mayans. In India, in the past, people of only the highest integrity and moral fibre were allowed to wear jade jewellry. Jade, of course is also important to Chinese cultures, taking the same character for nobility, and even today Jade is thought to ward of sickness, bring good fortune and protect the bearer from evil. Today the most highly prized jade continues to be 'The Imperial' or 'old mineral' jade.

In engagement rings jade can be cut and carved and set in a variety of engagement bands, including diamond and solitaire cuts. Although gemstone is not an official birthstone it can still make a great alternative for diamond engagement rings, and hopefully bring some prosperity and luck to the marriage!