Saturday, 27 June 2009

Palladium engagement rings-Choosing the right diamond cut

A brief outline into the different cuts of diamonds and what you should look for when selecting a ring.

For many the diamond ring is still the preferred choice when it comes to selecting a ring for your loved one. Although, this can hurt your wallet such purchases only come around once in a lifetime so it’s important to get it right for both yourself and your partner. Perhaps the most important categorization when it comes to selecting palladium engagement rings is the four C’s: colour, cut, clarity and carat. But, for the purposes of this article the importance of selecting the right cut will be discussed.
The actual art of cutting a diamond is a very skilled one, dating back to the skilled jewelers in Belgium over 500 years ago. It involved cutting the stones into smaller ones, with the aim of reflecting the light out as evenly as possible. If this is not done well, it will give the end result of the stone looking dull and lacking the sparkle or fire that a stone cut to unique precision has. There are various grades of cuts, and most online jewelers will ensure they offer the best cuts to their clientele. Finally whatever cut you decide to go for, be it a rose, princess or perhaps emerald cut, and make sure you buy from a reputable diamond dealer. Also, ensure the diamond ring you purchase comes complete with a certificate of authentication.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The superiority of palladium palladium engagement rings

When it comes to these jewellery items, they are perhaps the most treasured gifts and something to be valued for eternity. What is striking now is the ever expanding ranges of jewellery rings you have to choose from, be it on the net or in a jewellery shop. In days gone by, the betrothal gift used to be somewhat more understated in design with an eloquent centre piece stone such as a diamond or ruby. Nowadays, the designs are more intricate and a high level of craftsmanship coupled with the latest technology goes into palladium engagement rings. Indeed it’s possible now to get a custom made ring to give your spouse the perfect gift. Gemmology has become an exact science. To the extent that diamonds, and other gemstones, are cut to a very high level of accuracy and that the right angles are adhered to. The cut of diamond is very important to many buyers as different cuts can obviously have different effects on the appearance of the end product and how it catches the light. Therefore it’s paramount that you get a feel for the different style of cuts by either getting the jeweller to show you, or having a look yourself. Perhaps the most common found cuts in modern jewellery, especially when it comes to diamonds, are the: round brilliant cuts, the princess cut, the oval cut and the marquise cut. But there are plenty of other cuts available to you, so it’s best to do some research on them. Cuts aside, there are plenty of other factors to look at when selecting a ring of quality and perhaps too many to go into serious depth here. Nevertheless, we will aim to look at some of them. Often people focus too much on the carat weight, when choosing palladium engagement rings. Of course a 14 carat ring is not going to be cheap, and with diamonds at a high price in world markets currently, it’s not going to get any cheaper. But you should not just focus on the carat weight of the ring, as a 14 carat may just mean it’s got a heavy gemstone in there but the colour and clarity may be murky rather than fiery thus signifying it’s not that high in quality. It’s always best to seek professional advice on the ring that you’re thinking of purchasing and before making the commitment get a second opinion. If still in doubt, then ask for certification for the diamond where you’ll have it in writing that the diamond you have is real and the reasons why it is high in quality. This may entail a further cost, but it’s certainly worth it if you have any doubts. Also ask your retailer if the diamond you have is ethically sourced, i.e. not a conflict diamond. Most jewellers will nowadays only use diamonds that come from areas of non-conflict. But, it’s always best to buy with complete and utter confidence. To conclude make sure your chosen unique engagement rings are treated with care, so this might involve going to your local jewellers and perhaps giving it a polish now and again.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Modern day palladium engagement rings

A brief description of why it has become common place to look online for purchasing these rings and why the high street shouldn’t be forgotten

The growth of e-commerce over the past decade has meant a variety of websites have spawned all over the place offering seemingly fantastic deals on jewellery and in particular rings to signify one’s intention to marry. However such methods of purchasing may be in stark contrast to the past, where the only way of shopping for such rings was to visit your local jewellery retailer. Now one can sometimes get closer to the source of the gemstones, and through the internet buy from where the gemstones for palladium engagement rings, are being dug up. Hence, reducing the need for a middle man. However, if this path is taken you may not be completely protected in your purchase and with some unscrupulous retailers out there it’s a risk that not many will be willing to take. Far better, is to look at the shopping options you have closer to home, of which there are many. For starters, you can still visit your local jeweller’s to get an idea on the latest styles and colours used in such rings. This may be enough for some to make their purchase there and then, as many retail stores have been going for years and years and offer their unquestionable experience and expertise. Also, the fact that it’s a local retailer, gives some people piece of mind that if their partner doesn’t like the selected item they can always return it and exchange it for something else. However, one cannot deny the increasing trend of people making their purchases over the net. It’s with this that one has to be very selective and careful when they are looking for choosing an online retailer. It’s wise to ensure they are accredited, have some sort of returns policy and their palladium engagement rings come with a buying certification (or it’s at least offered). This is very important, especially if the ring you are buying is a diamond one. Of course the great thing about buying on the net is the ease of doing such and the convenience, but make sure your chosen online retailer is part of a professional body such as the British Jewellers’ Association. It can be difficult to visualise what your ring will look like, as the pictures displayed can sometimes give you a limited view. So if this is the case, it’s well worth seeing if the online retailer has any stores near you and if not seeing if a local jewellers’ has the ring, so a price comparison can be made. In fact this is a common mistake people make, not using both options of a high street and an online retail store to reach a decision. Many just go for one or the other. In terms of price, it’s often commented that typically you should look at spending anywhere from one to three months’ salary for a quality ring. However, don’t despair if the initial price tags are way over budget, as many places (both online and in the stores) will offer great financing packages to suit your needs. All this means there’s never been a better time to purchase modern day palladium engagement rings, be it on the net or at a store.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

How to choose the metals for engagement rings?

As you can see there are lots of factors to consider when choosing the metal for your ring:

The secret of buying the right palladium engagement rings

A brief overview on how careful consideration of a betrothal gift can definitely pay dividends for the long term future

It’s no secret that buying a ring that will signify a man’s endless devotion for his future wife is no easy task. First off, there are her personal tastes and preferences to account for. After all, it’s no use buying something that she will detest, as it could even elicit a ‘no’ response to a proposal of marriage. Also to consider is the matter of style and design, as no woman wants to wear a ring that looks tacky and cheap. In addition there’s the centre piece gemstone to consider, with most people having a strong preference towards diamonds for palladium engagement rings. If the latter is chosen, then more often than not, the band of the ring will be of high quality- usually yellow or white gold is the standard. However, platinum and palladium bands are becoming more popular. Furthermore if a preset ring does not appeal to one’s tastes, you can always take comfort in knowing that a custom made ring can be manufactured by your chosen jewellery retailer. If this route is taken, it’s still worth bearing in mind your future spouse’s taste in jewellery, which can easily be obtained by having a look at their existing collection. Also, be sure to find out how much any revisions to the design will cost, and if possible get an itemized quotation for the bespoke ring. One thing that can be said for getting a bespoke ring made to a high quality finish is that it does show careful thought and consideration on your part and could result in a better reaction from your loved one.

Exceptional palladium engagement rings at affordable prices

A brief editorial on why such jewellery doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg and where to look for these rings

Whilst perusing through a jewellery catalogue the other day, I was amazed at the range of items they had and also at all the scintillating diamonds in unique settings at very reasonable prices. On most pages they had discounted red price tags and attractive credit options for people worried about having to borrow money from banks at extortionate interest rates. Also on offer were not just diamond rings, but also tanzanite, emerald and ruby rings. Of course the majority of people prefer the exquisite beauty of diamond rings. However, this is changing with the inclusion of other alternative gemstones as the centre piece. Many couples are selecting palladium engagement rings that have certain gemstone colours, i.e. will represent the ring bearer’s birthstone colour. A careful selection when it comes to ring designs as well as the appropriate birthstone may offer a more attractive proposition for your future spouse, as it portrays a deeper sentiment. It’s definitely worth considering if your partner is open to other rings, apart from diamonds, as well. However, if a diamond ring is the preferred choice, there are a few important tastes to take into consideration. Firstly one shouldn’t be too concerned with the size of the diamond, but more focused on the actual cut. How well does it hold the light? What kind of cut has been used and does it maximize the optical performance of the stone? If in doubt, always seek advice from a professional board member such as a member of the BJA.

Finding the right palladium engagement rings

A brief summarization on why it’s necessary to look at as many options as possible when buying such lavish jewellery

There comes a time in every person’s life when they decide to make the ultimate commitment in a relationship, and represent such commitment in a physical article- a ring for engagement. Traditionally, in most countries the man selects and pays for the ring. The woman will then wear the ring on the left-hand ring finger, in most countries but in others it will be worn on the right- hand. However nowadays the whole process is changing and it depends on the type of relationship the couple has, as to who does the buying and proposing. It may well be that the woman takes charge and proposes. Nowadays if this does happen and the woman buys palladium engagement rings, usually no social embarrassment is felt by the man. In fact quite the reverse might be felt. He may be relieved that the stress of both choosing the right ring and proposing has been taken away. Whether it’s a man or woman doing the proposing, one thing needs to be made certain: the right purchase has to be made. There are various ways to ensure this. One way is to do some preliminary research online, and this can be a great way of getting an idea on the grades of diamond or non-diamond rings. Another option you should look at is visiting your local jewellery store and asking to see a range of styles and designs: from traditional to contemporary. Finally, it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled on the home shopping channels as sometimes they can offer great value for money.

Quintessential palladium engagement rings

A brief delve into why these items of jewellery attract admiration and adoration from so many and make for timeless gifts

The undisputable inherent beauty of rings for engagement can justify their sometimes hefty price tags. Immediately most people will associate such rings with lavish diamond ones, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. There are so many more alternatives out there waiting for the discerning buyer. Of course a diamond ring is often preferred by most people, because of the prestige attached to it. But, slowly the jewellery market is moving in favour of other gemstones such as emeralds or topaz. It can be difficult to ascertain the quality of such newcomers to the market. So if you are unsure, it’s always best to seek out expert advice. One should also bear in mind with palladium engagement rings, and deciding upon a gemstone, is their partner and personal tastes in jewellery. Sometimes, choosing the right gemstone for your partner can really be a deal breaker. Especially if a diamond ring has always been hoped and wished for. It’s always very advisable to keep abreast of the latest fashions and trends in the modern jewellery market, as well as taking inspiration from more traditional rings. This can be easily achieved by paying a visit to the renowned jewellery hubs in England such as Hatton Gardens or the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. Finally, it’s also worth mentioning to look out for money back guarantees, as if you don’t get the choice exactly right first time round such guarantees can definitely offer a saving grace.

Buying palladium engagement rings on the cheap

A brief review on why the economic downturn may not be such a hindrance for purchasing such elegant jewellery items

In today’s economic uncertain times, many people will be considering carefully if they can really afford to buy an engagement ring for their beloved. Typically such a ring would amount to several months’ wages for the majority of people, especially if a sparkling diamond ring is bought. In the past, even if people couldn’t afford such purchases immediately they could always take comfort in the fact the bank would loan them money to buy a ring. However with the banks being in the state they are today for many this isn’t a viable option anymore. However, this does not mean it’s completely hopeless even contemplating purchasing such palladium engagement rings. On the contrary, it’s still very achievable to get the perfect ring for your future spouse with the use of ‘buy now, pay later’ interest-free credit schemes. Many leading jewellery stores, both online and in the high street, are offering such schemes without the need to pay any money back until a year after the purchase. This certainly illustrates the versatility of the modern day jewellery sector, and even though we are in a recession people should not forfeit their happiness. However, if you do decide to go down this route always make sure you do some financial planning in advance and work out how exactly you are going to make the repayments. By doing this it certainly minimizes the risk of defaulting on any repayments. And finally, always make sure you read the small print in the terms and condition of any credit agreement you make with the jewellery retailer.

The eloquence of palladium engagement rings

A brief foray into what makes such jewellery items so special and why such a purchase needs careful consideration.

There is nothing in this world as stunning as a sparkling diamond, contrasting against the sheen of metal. There are of course different grades of diamonds, and largely when it comes to these jewellery gifts, and in general you get what you pay for. The most auspicious and scintillating of diamonds are without a doubt the extremely rare pink diamonds. Sadly most of us can only dream about owning such diamonds, and most of the diamonds used today in modern jewellery are white diamonds-and when set in palladium engagement rings can be as equally dazzling. There are several important factors that constitute the quality of diamonds. However, any certified gemmologist will be able to ascertain, within minutes, the quality of the diamond. It’s for this reason alone, that if you are unsure about your diamond engagement ring you should ask for the necessary certification to accompany it with the purchase. It has been assumed, thus far, that your choice will be a diamond ring. But for many discerning buyers they may feel such a ring to be inappropriate for their spouse. In this case there are plenty of other options available. You may want to consider procuring a ring set with a different centrepiece gemstone such as topaz, emerald or tanzanite. What’s more is that you don’t have to go for traditional design; you may even want to produce your own and get your jeweller to manufacture a custom made ring. There are many pre-set rings that cater towards those with alternative tastes, such as medieval styled rings and Celtic rings. This would be a very fitting buy, if you are going to have a themed wedding. A range of styles of these palladium engagement rings can be found online and possibly at your local jewellery store. If you want to get a custom ring, it’s perhaps a good idea to get some inspiration for designs from wedding catalogues and magazines and also images from the net. Then take your design to your local jewellers’ to get it custom made. Also, enquire if there will be additional charges for any revisions that need to be made. However, if you are going down the other route of a pre-set ring, then be sure not to rush into a purchase without carefully considering if this jewellery item is what your spouse would like to receive. Therefore, it might be an idea to do some preliminary research into your other half’s taste in jewellery by having a look through their existing collection. Or better still; take a close friend or family member along with you to help you decide. You should also set aside a budget and try to stick to that. They say typically the ring should be equivalent to 2 or even 3 months salary. However, you may find prices to be somewhat lower than this figure, especially if you’re buying online. If you are feeling the pinch of the economic downturn, then there are still attractive financing options out there, for palladium engagement rings. Be sure to read the fine print, though.