Friday, 12 June 2009

Modern day palladium engagement rings

A brief description of why it has become common place to look online for purchasing these rings and why the high street shouldn’t be forgotten

The growth of e-commerce over the past decade has meant a variety of websites have spawned all over the place offering seemingly fantastic deals on jewellery and in particular rings to signify one’s intention to marry. However such methods of purchasing may be in stark contrast to the past, where the only way of shopping for such rings was to visit your local jewellery retailer. Now one can sometimes get closer to the source of the gemstones, and through the internet buy from where the gemstones for palladium engagement rings, are being dug up. Hence, reducing the need for a middle man. However, if this path is taken you may not be completely protected in your purchase and with some unscrupulous retailers out there it’s a risk that not many will be willing to take. Far better, is to look at the shopping options you have closer to home, of which there are many. For starters, you can still visit your local jeweller’s to get an idea on the latest styles and colours used in such rings. This may be enough for some to make their purchase there and then, as many retail stores have been going for years and years and offer their unquestionable experience and expertise. Also, the fact that it’s a local retailer, gives some people piece of mind that if their partner doesn’t like the selected item they can always return it and exchange it for something else. However, one cannot deny the increasing trend of people making their purchases over the net. It’s with this that one has to be very selective and careful when they are looking for choosing an online retailer. It’s wise to ensure they are accredited, have some sort of returns policy and their palladium engagement rings come with a buying certification (or it’s at least offered). This is very important, especially if the ring you are buying is a diamond one. Of course the great thing about buying on the net is the ease of doing such and the convenience, but make sure your chosen online retailer is part of a professional body such as the British Jewellers’ Association. It can be difficult to visualise what your ring will look like, as the pictures displayed can sometimes give you a limited view. So if this is the case, it’s well worth seeing if the online retailer has any stores near you and if not seeing if a local jewellers’ has the ring, so a price comparison can be made. In fact this is a common mistake people make, not using both options of a high street and an online retail store to reach a decision. Many just go for one or the other. In terms of price, it’s often commented that typically you should look at spending anywhere from one to three months’ salary for a quality ring. However, don’t despair if the initial price tags are way over budget, as many places (both online and in the stores) will offer great financing packages to suit your needs. All this means there’s never been a better time to purchase modern day palladium engagement rings, be it on the net or at a store.


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