Monday, 26 October 2009

How to deal with pushy salesman

We've all been there, just casually browsing at a shop or store and then all of a sudden our peace is disturbed by an overly pushy salesman. It's enough to drive you out of the shop, even if you had intended on buying something. Of course pushy salesman are not exclusive to just jewelery shops, you'll find them everywhere nowadays and it's no wonder more and more people are going online to make their purchases. But, it shouldn't be the case, we shouldn't be forced to make our purchases online, because of the fear we may have from going into a store and being pressured into a decision we didn't want to make. The Ebook I featured last week in my post, has some interesting advice and suggestions on how to handle push jewelery salesman so that it actually works in your favor and you can utilize and leverage them to make a well informed decision, rather than being pressured and manipulated by them. Even if you decide to shop online, you still have to be careful of being directed towards certain purchases without exploring the whole catalog or getting something tailored towards your requirements. So, you may have to make a phone call to one of those pushy salesman! Either way, 'How To Buy An Engagement Ring' will certainly aid you in the process.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

How to Buy An Engagement Ring

On previous posts I've given you some useful tips and pointers for going about buying engagement rings, but nothing puts it all quite into perspective and sets it out in a comprehensive way than an Ebook. If you're like me you may ocassionally buy an Ebook get excited about it buying it, and then only reading a couple pages before its resigned to the remote regions of your desktop PC. Well, I'll have to hold my hand up and say I've come across some shocking Ebooks before that I haven't learnt anything from and then again I've come across some gems and read every single page, page to page. I decided searching for some jewelery ebooks, and in particular ones which tell you how to go about buying engagement rings. I bought a couple, and whilst most were informative, I was looking for something a bit more concrete with more practical advice people could implement.

The Ebook I've found that I'm confident readers will find useful when it comes to shopping for engagement rings includes everything you need to know about the buying process: including how not to get ripped, where to shop and where not to, what to look for and much more. If you're serious about finding the perfect engagement ring for your beloved you need to read this!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Budget limitations

Although, we would all like to splurge out on a massively expensive engagement ring, sometimes it's just out of budgetary constraints and given the recent economic crises and many countries' economies showing no signs of improving, we may just have to settle for something a bit more within our budget. Luckily, the jewelery industry has plenty of choices and options for people who perhaps can't or won't spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a lavish ring. One option, that has previously been mentioned is going for birthstone gems - something that perhaps conveys a deeper sentiment and is more romantic? Of course if you're going to go for this option you need to find out when gemstone their date of birth relates to. Another option, which shouldn't break the bank is considering other gemstones such as topaz, emerald or tanzanite and getting your jewelery to bespoke the design and cut it in a way so it maximizes light reflection. You also want to carefully consider the bands that are going to be used, you should choose a metal that either complements or contrast the stone nicely. If one looks hard enough, and seeks out the most competitive deals, you'll be certainly ensuring you don't pay over the odds.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Spam Blog comments

So I've been getting quite a few spam blog comments. If you want to promote your own blog/website and get a backlink it's fine as long as you post comments that actually show you've read my post and are contributing to the discussion. Please do not just post a generic response with a link to your site, it will get rejected. And if your website is a related to palladium engagement rings, and/or jewelery, it still means you've got to comment on something intelligent and meaningful. Rant over, it just really pisses me off when people don't even bother to add even something semi-worth reading.

Monday, 5 October 2009


Palladium bands aren't for everyone, as many people just simply don't like the colour of it. Also with palladium you may find that it needs a bit of restoration now and again, some may find it doesn't polish as well as gold, is brittle and is prone to reactions with hydrogen. However, many jewelers will swear by palladium as a great cheaper alternative to platinum (which has reached ridiculous prices of late), niks less than platinum, doesn't require rhodium and is actually quite a hard metal. However, if you're on the other side and fancy gold band because of its properties but favour the white colour then there's always white gold you can select. Whatever material you decide upon, it's worth having a consultation with your jewelery to see what they recommend. Nowadays, palladium is a great metal and is being used more and more in jewelery as it does the job and looks good.