Monday, 19 October 2009

Budget limitations

Although, we would all like to splurge out on a massively expensive engagement ring, sometimes it's just out of budgetary constraints and given the recent economic crises and many countries' economies showing no signs of improving, we may just have to settle for something a bit more within our budget. Luckily, the jewelery industry has plenty of choices and options for people who perhaps can't or won't spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a lavish ring. One option, that has previously been mentioned is going for birthstone gems - something that perhaps conveys a deeper sentiment and is more romantic? Of course if you're going to go for this option you need to find out when gemstone their date of birth relates to. Another option, which shouldn't break the bank is considering other gemstones such as topaz, emerald or tanzanite and getting your jewelery to bespoke the design and cut it in a way so it maximizes light reflection. You also want to carefully consider the bands that are going to be used, you should choose a metal that either complements or contrast the stone nicely. If one looks hard enough, and seeks out the most competitive deals, you'll be certainly ensuring you don't pay over the odds.

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