Sunday, 29 November 2009

Diamond Solitaire Scalloped Setting

A diamond solitaire scalloped setting can be a unique setting that embellishes the appearance of the ring, without adding bulky and lots of expensive gemstones to it. There are many types of settings couples can choose from, so it's a good idea to thoroughly research which ones are most suited to the other half's preferences.

For those unfamiliar with scalloped settings, they take their inspiration from nature and in particular seashells, as they often have a rough undulating pattern with a series of curves or ridges that make a very unusual and interesting pattern. These kinds of engagement rings are popular for perhaps exotic engagements such as Hawaiian engagements. The beauty of scalloped engagement rings, is that it gives couples the chance to just focus on one exquisite gemstone, i.e. diamond, and concentrate on the weight and by choosing a scalloped setting it focuses on the display of this gemstone at its most radiant.

Finding diamond solitaire scalloped setting engagement rings may be harder than finding normal diamond solitaire rings, this is due to their rarity and one will probably have to go to a specialist jeweller's to find them or get them custom made. Older, antique rings may also use scallop settings, and one can invariably find these in pawn shops, auction houses and so forth. However, it's worth going to the effort of scouting these out as the final end product can be really astonishing!

Monday, 23 November 2009

How do you know when you've found the right engagement ring?

For many men shoppers, it's difficult to tell if we've chosen something that will suit her. Many of us make terrible shoppers, even the thought of spending countless hours wondering around the shops is enough to send shivers down many men's spines. Of course, if it's the woman buying the engagement ring then the same might not be true. One way to minimize the time spent looking for that ideal palladium engagement ring, is to conduct some initial research online before heading out to the local jewelery shops. You also want to check out the financing options that the e-commerce stores give, especially if you're going for a diamond engagement ring, to breakdown that final amount a little. 

Also a helpful tip is to take a friend along, or a family member who can provide a good second opinion and may also be a good model, so that you've got a better idea of ring sizes and so forth. Take a few designs along with you as well if you wish to get your ring custom made as well. Don't be afraid to ask for discounts as well, as you never know you may get that sparkling diamond engagement rings for less than you had anticipated.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Natural vs Synthetic

A lot of work and effort goes into carefully crafting engagement rings, whether they are made from natural materials and then polished and set in an attractive band, or even if the natural gemstones are treated chemically in special cleaning agents, polished and then placed in a galvanized band, it still requires a skilled craftsman to get the ring to a shop display standard. I don't want to suggest or influencing your buying decision in this article, as ultimately the ring you decide upon  has to be the right ring for your partner. So it all boils down to what they would be most happy receiving and wearing. Are they the type of person, that objects to synthetic and chemicalised products? if this is the case the natural route needs to be trodden as far as it will go - for this kind of ring you may want to consider buying from a niche shop that specializes in birthstone rings and old jewelery techniques. On the other your partner, may just want something that dazzles the onlooker, and shows that its being carefully treated in order to give the stone its shine. In this case, you probably can't go wrong with most of your local jewelers who will have embraced modern galvanizing techniques and chemical polishing years ago.

It's always an idea, to do your research before buying, and this can involve reading some reviews online about the different kinds of palladium engagement rings, diamond engagement rings and natural birthstone rings. It will also involve getting out there and talking to some professional jewelers and see what they recommend. By doing this, you'll stand a better chance of getting it right first time.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Popping the question

Finding the right ring for your beloved is just part and parcel of the engagement process, another stressful aspect to it for some might be actually the proposing part that presents the most difficulties. There's a lot to consider, as with everything timing, picking a place, the mood and atmosphere are all conducive to creating a lasting memory.  Do it wrong and it could affect the final answer given. So, whilst the ring is a big deal breaker sometimes, the actual proposing part for many other halves could be just as important. Therefore, it's essential that if you want to get the proposal right, to read this Marriage Proposal Ideas from an Oprah Expert

The best way of finding out how to propose is to read how other people did it, and what worked for them. This way when you come to propose you'll be more confident in your approach knowing how to create a romantic mood, what to say and how to act...If you want to get it right first time, it's highly recommend you give it a read.