Sunday, 29 November 2009

Diamond Solitaire Scalloped Setting

A diamond solitaire scalloped setting can be a unique setting that embellishes the appearance of the ring, without adding bulky and lots of expensive gemstones to it. There are many types of settings couples can choose from, so it's a good idea to thoroughly research which ones are most suited to the other half's preferences.

For those unfamiliar with scalloped settings, they take their inspiration from nature and in particular seashells, as they often have a rough undulating pattern with a series of curves or ridges that make a very unusual and interesting pattern. These kinds of engagement rings are popular for perhaps exotic engagements such as Hawaiian engagements. The beauty of scalloped engagement rings, is that it gives couples the chance to just focus on one exquisite gemstone, i.e. diamond, and concentrate on the weight and by choosing a scalloped setting it focuses on the display of this gemstone at its most radiant.

Finding diamond solitaire scalloped setting engagement rings may be harder than finding normal diamond solitaire rings, this is due to their rarity and one will probably have to go to a specialist jeweller's to find them or get them custom made. Older, antique rings may also use scallop settings, and one can invariably find these in pawn shops, auction houses and so forth. However, it's worth going to the effort of scouting these out as the final end product can be really astonishing!


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