Friday, 17 June 2011

Diamond Engagement Rings

Probably the quintessential engagement ring is a diamond one, and certainly what every girl dreams of. If you have the budget to opt for such an engagement ring, make sure you follow previous tips outlined in this blog and always look for quality over the size of the diamond. Remember the four C's and also make sure you get the right size for the band. If in doubt always take someone along with you for a second opinion. Here are just some examples of gorgeous diamond enagement rings to give you an idea:


Diamond Engagement Ring said...

It is a pity that this type of cuts aren't that popular nowadays.

Industrial Body Jewelry said...

Now the trebd has come when everyone wants diamond ring as their engagement .Good and diamond is symbol for love.

Platinum Wedding Bands said...

I agree budget is very important,But today every couple prefer diamond rings.