Monday, 15 February 2010

Airport Security Staff playing Cupid for valentines day

Just uncovered this interesting story, about how surprises weren't spoiled during routine airport security searches by airport staff in Manchester over the valentines weekend:

Did you pop the big question over valentines day? If so we'd like to see your pictures of the engagement rings, and how it went. please send any pictures (preferably less than 50K) to: Email me


Vuxenleksaker said...

Ah that's quite sweet of them to do that - I can imagine how awful it might have been for a romantic guy to get his surprise blown at some security desk - poor things :-) But this is a nice gesture from the Airport Security for a change!

Custom T-shirts said...

I dont have any story of Valentines days, i have spend all the days waiting for her :(

Aeron Chair said...

That has made my morning - lovely little story.