Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Beauty pageants and diamond tiaras

There's nothing quite like a good old fashioned beauty pageant to exhibit some of the world's best jewelery items. Apart from the obvious beauty of the contestants participating in some of the most renowned beauty pageants, theres also the stunning diamond tiaras that are presented to the winners in contests such as the infamous Miss universe contest. Every year stunning beauties gather from all around the world in a contest that is not just about beauty. Other factors come into play, such as personal achievements, what that person represents and how well they act as an ambassador for their country.

The 2009 Miss Universe contest was won by Stefanía Fernández of Venezuela, who charmed the judges with her outgoing personality and natural beauty. Amongst the huge range of perks that come with winning the Miss Universe Contest she was also able to keep the Diamond Nexus Labs Tiara, featured below with carefully crafted rubies decorated around the crown:

Picutred winner: Stefana Fernadez who gets a Manhattan apartment for a year, jewelery, clothes, an undisclosed monetary sum, and lots more. It's enough to make a guy consider a sex-change operation with all the perks offered!

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